What we are developing

We want to develop apps to assist with or encouraging:

  1. Service Delivery Process
  2. For Manual Wheelchair Users
    1. Wheelchair Fit and Adjustment
    2. Wheelchair Propulsion Technique Training
    3. Manual Wheelchair Navigation Skills
    4. Wheelchair Maintenance
  3. For Power Wheelchair Users
    1. Wheelchair Fit and Adjustment
    2. Power Wheelchair Driving Skills
    3. Power Seating Function Usage
    4. Wheelchair Maintenance
  4. Adaptive Sports Resources



How we are going to develop the apps?

Wheelchair users and clinicians will be invited to provide feedback and suggestions in the development process through discussions using a serious focus groups:

  1. Contents and Features of the app: Investigators will share the proposed contents and key features and guide the discussions on the validity, completeness, and appropriateness of the contents and perceived usefulness of the key features. We will also ask how motivated users would be to use the apps and what could be changed or added to increase users' motivation.
  2. Interface and Information Visualization of the app: Investigators will present ideas for different layouts, information visualization, and interaction methods, and guide the discussion on the appropriateness of the design in facilitating navigation and promoting learning, as well as the accessibility of the design.
  3. Usability of the app: Users will be asked to perform a series of tasks with the prototype app and provide your feedback on perceived ease-of-use and usefulness of the app.

Based on the feedback and suggestions from each discussion, we will iteratively design, modify, and refine the apps to be useful and user-friendly. We are going to disseminate our work and the apps through academic meetings and conference, support groups, workshops, and social medias.

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